Yoga for Fertility

One of the Most Effective Yoga for Fertility Poses to Boost your Fertility

One of the yoga postures that I want to talk about is called on Sanskrit Baddha Konasana.⠀
It also has more familiar names such as Bound Angle Pose or Throne pose.⠀
I like to call it a Butterfly pose because the position of the legs reminds me of the butterfly wings or less romantically the frog legs.
Also, this posture is one of the variations for sitting in the meditation and was mentioned in the 15th-century manuscript Hatha Yoga Pradipica under the name Bhadrasana. ⠀

Daria Sera MD - Holistic Health & Fertility Clinic - Yoga for Fertility: One of the Most Effective Fertility Poses⠀⠀
This yoga posture is relatively simple to do after you worked under opening up your joints.⠀
The health benefits come from the hip and groin opening, thanks to its action, which prepares the pelvic floor for the delivery.
That is why this pose practiced by pregnant women in the Hatha yoga tradition.⠀
And if the women have infertility issues, this pose also may be beneficial, because it has the power to increase the circulation in the pelvic region.
The better flow of blood to the organs responsible for fertility, the better their nourishment.
From an energetic perspective, your attention also concentrated on the areas where you feel stretching tension, and usually, it activates them.

This pose stimulates the root chakra, also called Muladhara.⠀
Which provides energetic stimulation to all pelvic organs, which in turn can help with the improvement of libido of men and women.

And if practiced continuously, with proper concentration and breathing may tone the pelvic muscles, preventing prolapses in the area.⠀
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