Natural Infertility Treatment

Safe and effective treatment of female and male infertility issues via 1:1 ONLINE consultations with our Natural Fertility Experts.

Have you been Trying to Conceive Without Success? Have you been Diagnosed with Infertility?

Then our Natural Infertility Treatment Program is designed for you!

If you ever asked yourself why, despite trying for a long time, you still cannot conceive, the answer may be simple:
Because you have never had the treatment that addressed all underlying causes of your infertility!

We believe, when all underlying causes for infertility get cured, then there is no reason for infertility to exist in your body!

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That is why the goal of our Natural Infertility Treatment Program is to find all underlying root-causes of your infertility and treat each of them with absolutely natural remedies: herbal and homeopathic.

Our Natural Infertility Treatment Program Will Improve Your Fertility By:

Naturally balancing hormones.

We use gentle natural remedies that are safe for everyone and restore your normal hormonal balance without side effects.

Treatment of PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages.

In order to get fertile, all your reproductive organs should be in good health. Our Infertility program helps you to achieve this goal.

Restoration of the ovulation.

Our Natural Infertility Treatment can balance your ovulation, improve quality of ovulation or completely restart ovulation. Our treatment is helpful even for women who has history of pharmaceutically-induced over-stimulation of ovaries.

Improving the quality of vaginal mucus.

Mucus needed for spermatozoid to climb up to the ovum. Without good quality mucus, it is tough to get pregnant.

Removing thrush (candida).

The candida infection affects the quality of the mucus, which prevents you from getting pregnant. Our program also helps you to deal with candida.

Removal of suppressive effects of the contraceptive Pill

After being for 12-20 years on contraceptive pills, many women don’t ovulate, have an irregular cycle, poor quality of mucus – all of this prevents them from getting pregnant. Our Natural Infertility Program removes these obstacles.

Restoring the menstrual cycle.

If your cycle is too short or too long, irregular, with blood spotting in between of menstruations, it can be a contributing factor for infertility. Our program makes your cycle to become optimum for you.

Increasing blood flow into the pelvic region

As a result, improving work and nourishment of pelvic organs (vitamins and minerals transported with blood). Good circulation is important for the health and proper function of pelvic organs.

Improving the health and the thickness of the lining in the uterus

This improves chances of implantation of a fertilized egg.

Preventing the uterus from unwanted spontaneous contracting

This helps to lessen the chances of a miscarriage.

Improving your health in general, making your immune system stronger.

Our Natural Infertility Treatment Program, in addition to stimulating fertility, also balances all your systems and organs; thus, you feel healthier than before. You need this good health because research shows that chronic diseases outside of the pelvic region(for example : autoimmune diseases, thyroid gland issues) can contribute to infertility. That is why we strive to make you healthier at all levels; we are fighting for your baby-dream to come true!

Improving sex drive.

Very often, woman who has hormonal imbalance has a low sex drive. Also, necessity to have sex on a schedule in order to get pregnant can be overwhelming. Our treatment helps to improve sex drive naturally, by balancing your hormones and alleviating stress.

Improving energy level.

Low energy can be a sign of significant health issues, such as hypothyroidism(low thyroid function) or other hormonal disbalances, which can contribute to infertility. That is why we help you rebalance your overall health and energy. We do everything to make you more fertile!

Helping you to overcome stress easier.

Simultaneously with stimulating your fertility naturally, we also use special types of natural remedies to relieve your stress. Stress can be a reason for infertility because it affects the Central Nervous System’s work, which regulates the action of all hormones in the body, eventually causing disbalance in sex-hormones from which your fertility depends. Our Natural Fertility Program is designed to cure physical infertility as well as your stress with the use of different types of natural remedies. It can also heal your old emotional traumas such as traumatic relationships, sexual abuse, loss of loved one, fears, anxieties, panic attacks, and other emotional issues.

Increasing quality and quantity of sperm count in men

Our Infertility Treatment Program helps to alleviate male infertility factors: quality of sperm, inflammation in pelvic organs, male hormonal misbalance, male infertility-related stress, chronic diseases influencing male-fertility, etc.

Benefits of Our Natural Infertility Program as Compared to IVF:

Our Natural Infertility Program:


Our Natural Fertility Treatment is safe for both-  mother and future baby.


Our Natural Treatment is gentle – NO invasive procedures. Consultations online in the comfort of your own home and usage of gentle natural remedies.


Our Natural Treatment is helpful for all possible reasons of infertility, such as:

  • Improves cycle
  • Stimulates ovulation
  • Treats infections
  • Helpful for PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, recurrent miscarriages, and other conditions.

Our  patients generally get healthier: better sleep, better energy level, stronger immunity.


Our natural remedies work not only on a physical level but also on an emotional level. In addition to improving fertility on physical level, our Natural remedies can make you less stressful, alleviate anxieties, fears, and emotional traumas.


The high success rate of 87% according to our internal stats.


Our Natural Treatment has highly individualized approach. As a result, better chances for success. Each woman will get personalized remedies depending on her health concerns, her causes of infertility, her specific symptoms (both physical and emotional).


Our Natural Infertility Treatment is effective even for women with history of several failed IVF and multiple miscarriages.


Our Natural Treatment can be used instead of IVF, together with IVF, in preparation for IVF.


Our patient benefits in any case scenario, because she becomes not only more fertile, but also healthier than ever before. Our patients are always in win/win situation.

IVF Treatment (In-Vitro Fertilization)


IVF treatment has high risks for mother and future baby: Numerous short term and long term complications from the use of hormonal drugs. IVF increases the risk of birth defects, and multiple fetuses (which risky in birth complications, long term damage, prematurity, low birth weights, neonatal deaths, miscarriages).


IVF treatment has a lot of invasive procedures, a lot of time spent in the doctor’s office.


IVF does not improve overall health, it works only by mechanically combining egg and sperm and by stimulating the reproductive system with the high doses of hormonal drugs which have a long list of side effects.


IVF only increases health risks.


IVF does not treat stress, does not help with fears and anxieties. In most cases, IVF increases the stress level because of the invasiveness of the procedure, introduces high health risks, and has a high cost.


IVF has low success rate – only 29%


IVF has similar protocols for many cases.


Repeated IVF treatments magnify health risks.


With every new IVF treatment side effects compound.


With IVF, if a person does not get pregnant, she is left with all of the side effects of the pharmaceutical hormonal stimulation.

What to expect from our Natural Fertility Treatment?

During the first consultation, we will discuss your health history, your menstrual cycle, infertility factors, stress issues such as fears and anxieties (as they significantly impact your fertility), all diseases associated with infertility and all other diseases you have ever had in your life, which also may influence your fertility.

Then we will analyze all your symptoms.

We will create a treatment plan tailored precisely for your case.

Treatment is highly individual. For three women with infertility we will find three different sets of remedies, this happens because each of them has different health history (some had PCOS, other had fibroid, the third one had history of miscarriages), each one of them has different emotional issues (one has fears, the other one – stressful relationship, the third one- history of abuse in the past); as the result, each one of them will need unique treatment plan. We don’t prescribe all the same remedies to each person because the root causes of infertility in each patient are different.

We will differentiate among more than 5000 remedies for you and find remedies that are the most suitable in your case.

After the consultation, we will pack and mail you a set of remedies for one month of the infertility treatment.

During this one month, you will take remedies according to the schedule and write down all of the changes in your physical, mental, emotional state.

In one month, we will have another consultation and discuss all the changes you have observed (during that one month).

We will evaluate changes that have happened during the month, and upon analysis of these changes will adjust the treatment plan, will add additional remedies, or will change the dose and frequency.

To Sum Up:
Each visit you come for the consultation, we discuss all your infertility related health concerns. We analyze your symptoms, create a treatment plan, differentiate among 5000 remedies, find the most suitable for you and send you a set of remedies for one month. In one month you come back (by scheduling another consultation), and we analyze changes in your symptoms, adjust treatment plan, differentiate among 5000 remedies again, and send you the most suitable remedies for the next month of the treatment.

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What kind of natural (herbal& homeopathic) remedies do we use?

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Remedies that stimulate your fertility naturally.

Remedies that treat your inflammations, help with PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis and other conditions.

Remedies that regulate your hormones and as a result restore your cycle.

Remedies that support your reproductive organs.

Remedies that detoxify your system and clean your body from the use of pharmaceutical drugs (such as antibiotics, contraceptive pills).

Remedies that strengthen your immune system and harmonize it.

Remedies that help you to deal with stress and alleviate emotional issues (abuse, loss of loved one, fears, panic attacks, stressful work, stressful relationships, others).

What is inside of one (60 minutes) fertility consultation?

Analysis of all of your symptoms and health issues.

Finding remedies that will suite exactly to your situation. We analyze among more than 5000 remedies for you to find those that suit to each of your health concern the best.

One set of natural remedies for one month and a schedule of how to take them.

One Standard delivery by Canada Post.

Recommendation about supplements, diet, lifestyle changes.

Vitamins are NOT included in the price of the consultation. They are optional, and the program will work even if you choose not to use them.

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How Many Natural Fertility Consultations are Needed?

Most of the couples will achieve pregnancy within 6 visits (one visit a month), while others may need about 12 visits.

It depends on how many underlying causes for infertility the couple has.

In order to prepare women for pregnancy, we should help her to become physically and mentally healthier.

Pregnancy is like a marathon; it is not enough to start running, you need to be able to run the whole distance; so it is not enough to get pregnant, the patient should be healthy enough to go through the entire time of the pregnancy.


Our natural fertility program not only stimulates fertility, but it also provides additional benefits: makes a person healthier physically and emotionally!!!

Program is effective in 87% of cases according to our inner stats; and in any case scenerio person still benefits from the program, by becoming much healthier than ever before. So, our patients is always in win/win situation!

For whom is our Natural Infertility Treatment Program?

You have been trying to conceive for 6 months or more.

You have Fibroids, Endometriosis, PCOS, and other conditions.

You were diagnosed with infertility.

You want to improve egg quality.

You have Hormonal Imbalances and Ovulation Problems.

You have a history of Multiple Repeated Miscarriages.

You have health problems and want to improve your health.

Your partner has “Male Factor” Infertility.

You want a quick fix and don’t realize that it takes time to address each cause of your infertility. You are not willing to stick with the program for a minimum of 6 visits.

There is plenty of research in professional resources that demonstrate – natural medicines (herbs & homeopathic remedies) are helpful in the treatment of infertility; that individually prescribed homeopathic and herbal remedies improve ovulation and overall fertility.

We know from practical experience that it is possible to achieve 87% of success rate using tailored combinations of herbal, homeopathic, nutritional & lifestyle advice.

Still not sure if our Infertility Program is for you? Then book a free 15 minute Meet and Greet today and get your questions answered!

Success Stories of Our Patients

Hey Daria! Your treatment is amazing! The only thing I regret is that I didn’t know about it earlier. Before I went for your treatment, I did four IVF cycles without much luck. I was an exhausted IVF warrior. I mean, we all know that IVF sucks, but after four cycles, I really knew to what extent. Nevertheless, I was ready to continue. I wanted to have my pineapple baby at any cost.

I read on your Insta that herbs and homeopathy could improve my IVF chances, and it was eye-opening for me. I finally realized that IVF was not supposed to cure my health problems. If I wanted to succeed, I needed to improve my health first.

Thanks to your holistic treatment, my long-standing health problems were healed, and I finally got pregnant. At first, I was afraid to mention that it worked. I was checking every day if I were still pregnant. But now I am ready to share it with others. Natural medicine worked for me. I hope my story will help someone else. I am grateful for the miracle you made for me.

Sophia P. 38 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program

The long story short. I had PCOS and zero ovulation. The medications my doctor prescribed me didn’t work; my ovulation still was not there. On top of that, I developed resistance to meds and got many side effects – dizziness, swelling in legs, terrible mood swings.

My doctor stopped the treatment. He said it was dangerous for me to continue. He told me to wait for some time. But I absolutely couldn’t wait, I wanted to get pregnant. Thanks God I found this natural program! And guess what, in the second month of treatment I got my ovulation. And in five months I got pregnant. I can’t thank you enough!!

Monica A. 41 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program

I attribute my successful pregnancy solely to your treatment. It was a great experience. I truly felt heard and cared for. I appreciate tons of time that you spent even on my smallest concerns. In fact, you saved my relationship. Due to previous pharmaceutical drug treatment I was in mood roller coaster. Needless to say, my relationship with my partner was on edge. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I thought we would not make it.

But your amazing remedies solved the problem. I became myself again; my irritation disappeared. Thank you for everything you have done for our family…

Louise S. 38 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program

After 6 failed IVF cycles, wasting so much money. Doctors rejected me, they told me there was no way for me to become a mom to my biological child. I had absolutely nothing to lose. I decided to give natural medicine a try. I needed the way out of my desperation. And it worked for me! For me, who was so exhausted and so tired.

Finally, I am the happiest person in the whole world! Thank you so much! Your treatment is a miracle for me. I want to say to all women out there: if I could do it – you can do it too!

Joann D. 46 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program

I am so happy that I found you. I am forever thankful that you helped me fulfill my dream. I was trying for 5 years before you. I had endometriosis and was in a lot of pain. I was reading about fertility every day; I was on a strict diet, I exercised, did yoga, and journaling. I applied so much effort but nothing worked. I remember how frequently I was checking my ovulation, how many negative pregnancy tests went to the trash.

When my sister in law got pregnant, it was a breaking point. I was crying for two days. I was happy for her and so sorry for myself. I was miserably jealous and angry when I accidentally stumbled upon your website. It was exactly what I wanted. I liked that it was in one on one setting. And here I am, pregnant and happy. Thank you, you are the best!! XOXO

Kristie F. 39 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program

… I remember how I rushed to the room with a positive test in my hands. I was all in joyful tears but couldn’t say a word. My husband looked at me, and he immediately knew why I was so happy. We were hugging each other and crying. I can’t describe to you all the joy I had. Today I know what true happiness feels like. Thank you.

Nicole V. 36 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program

I wanted to have your treatment to prepare for IVF, but instead, I got pregnant naturally. I am so grateful; I can’t put it into words! Since 13 years old, I had my thyroid issues. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had autoimmune antibodies. Moreover, my mother and my grandmother also had thyroid problems. I knew my thyroid problems started after the death of my father, for which I blamed myself.

But your treatment helped me to cure my thyroid and finally escape the emotional disaster I was living in. I want to say I got from your natural help so much more than I expected. I came to get ready for IVF, but I got so much more. I got a full package. Your treatment is absolutely amazing and was a blessing for me. I recommend it to absolutely everyone. Guys, believe me, you have a chance to get so much more than what you ask for!

Eugenia P. 34 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program

Thank you for the journey, Daria. With your help, I was blessed with my rainbow baby. But it is not all. You truly helped me to end the emotional hell I was living in. I had panic attacks after a very traumatic episode in my life. I do not want to go into details here; it is too personal. But I had nightmares about my abusive ex almost every night even though we were not together anymore.

I want to say that after your treatment my panic attacks and nightmares disappeared. It is probably because your remedies helped me to let it go. You also helped me to heal my thyroid and heavy periods. I would recommend this treatment for everyone. I’m saying to all the girls out there: if you want to get pregnant – go for it.

P.S.: I will come back to you for my second baby! Keep up great work.

Amanda G. 37 y/o

Patient, Natural Infertility Treatment Program