Hypnosis for Anxiety – Anxiety and Depression Relief Program

During 1:1 ONLINE consultations – we treat emotional issues, including depression, anxiety and stress, fears and emotional traumas.

In order to solve your emotional issues, we use: hypnosis, other techniques for emotional relief, and optionally natural remedies(hearbal&homeopathic).

What is Hypnosis Is?

Hypnotherapy is a state of relaxation during which it is easier for you to heal negative believes and emotional traumas stored in your subconscious.


Hypnosis is safe and approved for use by the American Medical Association.

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Everyone experienced hypnosis in regular everyday life:

A simple example is driving from work to home. You do it automatically, you don’t think where to turn and where to stop, you in relaxed mode. Yet if something suddenly happens, you are conscious and react fast by pushing breaks.
This automatic relaxed mode is very similar to a hypnotic state.

Also, daydreaming is a self-hypnotic state.

Remember yourself in class when the teacher is explaining something, but you are far away in your dreams; you node your head to show that you are listening. If teacher suddenly ask you – you will answer, you will stop your daydreaming by your own wish.

So, despite you are relaxed and in automatic mode, you are still conscious and in full self-control.

During hypnotherapy session, you always in control, you are fully conscious, you will retain full memory of what we were doing, you yourself will choose goals of treatment and all the suggestions you want to have for yourself.

Is Hypnosis Safe?

Hypnosis is very safe tool to clean your mind from unwanted negative emotions and traumas. Hypnosis for anxiety helps to calm you down, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety:


The most famous hypnotists were medical doctors.

Contemporary hypnosis was endorsed by Franz Mesmer, a German physician.

Medical uses of hypnosis were approved by many medical associations around the globe.

For example, the American Medical Association approved therapeutic hypnosis back in 1958; the British Medical Association approved hypnotherapy in 1955.

There are hundreds of scientific researches done in medical hypnotherapy showing that it safe and effective for treatment of depression, anxieties, fears.


Hypnotherapy is not what you see in the movies.

In the movie, a deadly injured hero can easily win the war against thousands of enemies; likewise, in the movie, hypnosis is pictured as a dark superpower. All this is as far from reality as Santa Claus!!!

In reality, hypnosis is safe and has nothing mystical in it.

How Hypnosis Works?

Your brain is like a computer with the limited storage represented by your subconscious. Your emotional issues like files in that storage -in the subconscious.

If all your emotional files are open at the same time and running in the background, then your computer starts to slow down and have issues.

You need to clean up your storage from unwanted emotional traumas, and then your computer (your brain) will start to work well again. So, with hypnosis, we are cleaning your subconscious from unwanted emotional files.

You Are Not Alone in Your Emotional Issue!

Important note: when patients first come to us, they tend to think that their fears, anxieties or emotional traumas are absolutely unusual and rare.

But the truth is that we encounter such issues as yours quite often. So, you are not alone in all these emotional issues.

There are thousands of people like you who feel estranged from society because they mistakenly consider their emotional issues as something crazy or even shameful.

Many patients are afraid to tell about these issues, even to their closest relatives.
Your issue is not crazy; it is not shameful; it is not mystical.

All your emotional issues are just the signals that your brain sends to you when it is asking for help, so you could pay attention to your emotional issues and address them. That is it.

We are here for you to find a personalized way towards happiness, health, and emotional freedom in your life!

Our Hypnosis for Anxiety Program

In our natural anxiety relief program, we combine only the most effective and advanced methods:

  • Hypnotherapeutic relief of emotional issues and traumas
  • Other methods of emotional relief

Our program is very flexible and customizable.
All our hypnotherapists have MD backgrounds.

We believe that all your emotional concerns are just opportunities for inner growth.

Together we can transform your painful issue into your greatest success story!

We can guide you to better health and a more fulfilling life!

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Steps of Our Hypnotherapy Consultations:

1. Investigating your symptoms

2. Setting your goals and customizing treatment plan for you

3. Providing guided hypnotherapy sessions to successfully relieve you emotional issues.

4. Adjusting your treatment and ensuring fast recovery.

5. Optional: teaching you emotional relief techniques that you can father use in your everyday life.

Optional HERBAL Reinforcement of Your Hypnotherapy Success:

In order to additionally reinforce your success with hypnotherapy we use natural remedies (herbal &homeopathic); this step is optional.

We will find for you natural remedies tailored to each of your emotional symptoms.

We will analyze among 5000 remedies for you depending on your unique concerns, so your remedy will be suited only to you and no one else.

Your remedy will cover each of your emotional symptoms, even those that you are not paying attention to (yet they are important for success).

For example, we often have patients with sleep-paralysis. It is the state between sleep and being awake when a person thinks he just waked up yet can’t move his body.

In such a state, different frightful hallucinations may arise. Many people consider this a very strange experience and are afraid to talk about it because they don’t want to sound crazy.

We successfully solve such issues on a regular basis.

From our experience, we can tell that sleep paralysis is a widespread issue and has nothing crazy or mystical about it.

It arises after emotional traumas and can be solved either by hypnotherapy, by other methods of subconscious release, or even by natural remedies tailored to your specific emotional symptoms.

Scientific Proof That Hypnosis Works:

Hypnosis has been proven to work and be extremely effective:

A study published in the American health magazine offers an analysis of 3 different types of emotional treatments.

  • For Psychoanalysis, 38% of the participants recovered after attending 600 sessions.
  • In Behavior therapy, 72% of the population used in the case study recorded recovery after attending 22 sessions.
  • Hypnotherapy had the highest recovery rates with minimal sessions: 93% of the participants recovered fully just after attending 6 sessions.

Of course, the time allocated for each session varies depending on the underlying needs. However, the difference is conspicuous and the effectiveness of Hypnosis undeniable.

A different study carried out by Stanford University has provided yet more evidence of why and how hypnotherapy works amazingly well.

  • In the Stanford University study, volunteers were placed in hypnosis and a hypnotic state. They were told to look at colored objects.
  • As the participants were studying the objects, there was such a boost in blood flow to the portion of the brain that registers color.
  • In reality, the objects were not colored, they were black and white.
  • The effect was a direct result of hypnosis and this among many studies continues to provide scientific evidence to support the concept that the processes used in hypnotherapy certainly influence the way the brain processes information.

Hypnosis works for different people and helps to solve variety of issues: from sleep problems to fears and anxieties.

Problems Which Hypnosis Can Solve




Anxiety and Stress




Emotional traumas


Difficult relationships


Anger Issues


Confidence and Self Esteem Issues




Improve fertility


Weight-loss issues


Quit Smoking


Chronic Pain

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Let us help you be on top of things, and master the happiness and emotional freedom in your life!

Success Stories of Our Patients

Hey, I want to share my story because it may help to others like me… I am a survivor of abuse that happened back in my childhood. Since that time I had tones of psychotherapy sessions and visited group of self-help. Psychotherapy also was helpful but after so many years, I felt as if reached the point beyond which I could not go. As if the wall beyond which something was not letting me through. And since the abuse I always had the same nightmare terrorizing me for almost 46 years, I had it several times a month every bloody month. Despite all the previous treatments my nightmares still were causing me a lot of discomfort.

On one of the forums I found that hypnotherapy can help to get read of nightmares. For me it was so promising.

After about 9 sessions with Daria my problem was completely solved. I did it! I don’t have nightmares anymore! I am so grateful.

Usually I would not write any reviews especially about such a sensitive topic… but you know what, no one in my life ever helped me more than this natural therapy…I just have to share.

Thank you a lot Daria, you have changed my whole life! I send you a lot of happy-vibes!


Patient, Hypnosis for Anxiety - Anxiety and Depression Relief Program

After my recent graduation, I felt lost. As if I am powerless in my life and my career. I couldn’t make a decision about what I really wanted from my life and my profession. When I first spoke with Daria, I felt that she had knowledge to guide me out of negative thinking, and I decided to try.

I’m so glad that I did! I gained peace of mind and focus, and learned how to be more relaxed. Finally, I decided what exactly I want to do with my life; this knowledge always was inside of me but Daria helped me to rediscover it! These changes are incredible, I love the new me! I am confident in my future!

Sonya F.

Patient, Hypnosis for Anxiety - Anxiety and Depression Relief Program

Here is my story. I had severe depression. My life was passing me by, and I was unwilling witness to many events that I should have been a part of.

It was in all parts of my life: at work, when someone less competent was promoted ahead of me, my family, which sometimes was looking at me as a nuisance and annoyance, and even my friends who were speaking with me only when they needed something.

And the worst of all, I wasn’t able to change any of it. Even worse – I have lost faith that I could do anything about it.

One of my acquaintances referred me to Daria. I ran out of options, so I decided to give a try to something new. For me it couldn’t get worse, as I was at the bottom of my desperation well.

During the hypnosis sessions Daria didn’t just bring me back to life. She did a lot more. She helped me to start living again, and realize and believe that all I needed for happiness was already present in my life.

Bit by bit the depression and sorrow were taken on by happiness, and a smile replaced sadness. Now I feel so great, and even have a smile on my face when writing this review!

Thank you, Daria, for bringing this change in my life!

Adam B.

Patient, Hypnosis for Anxiety - Anxiety and Depression Relief Program

As long as I remember myself, I had a fear of heights. I was afraid of crossing high bridges alone. I was even scared of escalators in the mall. After the treatment you provided me, my fears disappeared. I visited Europe and for the first time in my life climbed up the middle ages tower for the sightseeing. I absolutely could not do it before.

I missed many life experiences as I was avoiding a few of the places because of my fear of heights. Now I can enjoy exploring all those high up places! My close relative are telling me that I am like completely different person now. I feel more positive, more enthusiastic, and more optimistic inside. I feel limitless.

Gloria E.

Patient, Hypnosis for Anxiety - Anxiety and Depression Relief Program

I was suffering from depression and anxiety in the past 5 years. I had so many worries that I couldn’t sleep at night. Every night I waked up at the same time and just couldn’t go back to sleep. My thoughts were racing in my head, preventing me from doing my work. I had zero concentration, I thought I would be fired at any moment.  I tried almost everything that I could think of, yet nothing was bringing me control of my life.

I am so glad that I found Daria. Her program was absolutely incredible, and it helped me to get my life back. Eventually, I have normal sleep and don’t wake up from fears. I thought it would never be possible, but my emotional problem is officially solved! Everyone from colleges to relatives noticed the positive difference in me. Now I am a lot happier, and finally feel like I am truly enjoying my life. If you don’t know what to do, turn to her, she will definitely help you!

Julie W.

Patient, Hypnosis for Anxiety - Anxiety and Depression Relief Program

Hi. I had some issues with irritability. Things got so bad, that when someone in front of me was not driving very quickly, I was boiling inside, getting ready to bite their head off. This was not just on the road, and the anger started to impact the quality of my life and my health. I didn’t want to take drugs to make me feel better. I read somewhere that hypnosis solves such problems and decided to give this hypnosis program a try. With Daria I just “clicked” – I didn’t have to explain to her what I was going through, she knew right away. The hypnosis sessions were extremely helpful. I felt so relaxed, and so at peace. I didn’t feel in such a way for a really, really long time.

After 6 sessions my irritability improved significantly and I got better understanding for others and their way of thinking. I finally feel at peace even in situation which before where provoking anger in me.

I am hugely grateful for turning around my life! Thank you!

Robert C.

Patient, Hypnosis for Anxiety - Anxiety and Depression Relief Program