Terms of Heilkunst (Natural Health) Consultation

Heilkunst (Natural Health) Consultation

Translated from German, “Heil” means “to heal,” “kunst” means art. Heilkunst is a natural medicine system founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1830). Heilkunst is sequential therapy. A Heilkunst practitioner analyzes the patient’s symptoms and finds natural medicines to alleviate these symptoms. Heilkunst differs from homeopathy by a broader spectrum of action, and includes all the methods developed by Hahnemann, and not just a part of them, like homeopathy.

Free meet consultation doesn’t include any treatment or any remedies.

What is included in the cost of one paid 60-minute Heilkunst consultation:

  • 60-minute consultation
    Analysis of symptoms (emotional and physical)
  • Analysis of all existing symptoms from the point of view of natural medicine
  • Individual selection of homeopathic and / or herbal remedies by conducting differential diagnostics between natural preparations
  • Selection of individual natural recommendations from the point of view of natural medicine
  • 1 maximum 2 homeopathic preparations for 1 consultation (these are 6-10 granules or 30 ml of liquid.
  • 1 shipment by Canada Post (standard shipping) only to the regions where Canada Post ships. Otherwise the shipment is not included.

What is not included in the cost of consultation:

  • Creams, vitamins, oils, preparations from plant buds
  • Natural products not prescribed by the performer

Terms of the Heilkunst Consultation

At the time of the purchase of the Heilkunst consultation, you acknowledge that you understand, accept, and agree upon all of the following clauses for the duration of consultation about your health-related condition:

  • You ask and agree to Heilkunst consultation (Sequential Bioactive Treatment) by an employee of the Daria Sera MD.
  • You understand that Heilkunst consultation should not be considered as a substitute for treatment by an allopathic (medical) doctor.
  • You also understand that each person responds differently to consultation and that it is impossible to foresee all possible reactions and risks.
  • The decision to seek Heilkunst consultation is exclusively your decision, and you understand that it does not replace treatment by an allopathic (medical) doctor.
  • Understanding the essence of the proposed treatment and the uniqueness of your own organism, you agree that no one can predict the exact result of the planned treatment and that no promises or guarantees of concrete results can be made.
  • You agree that we may outsource or subcontract delivery of some or all of our products and/or services.
  • You understand that, although Heilkunst has excellent safety performance, there are some risks, albeit rare, for Heilkunst consultation. These include, among other things: exacerbation of pre-existing symptoms, an allergic reaction to homeopathic supplements or herbs.
  • You have read and understood terms and conditions for yourself and / or your child as outlined in this document.

Refund Policy

No refunds of any sort are provided for the consultation fees that are paid. Refunds are not issued for any reason without any exceptions.

If you have bought several consultations and have not arrived, the consultations are considered to be forfeit and money is not refundable for consultation, for the included shipment, or for the included homeopathic / herbal preparation.

Re-scheduling of the consultation is only possible by notifying us by email at least 48 hours in advance of the consultation. In all other cases, the consultation is considered conducted, full costs of the meeting charged and the funds are non-refundable.

All of the fees for consultation must be paid 100% in advance of the consultation. The consultations must be fully paid at least 48 hours before the start of the consultation.