Seven Simple Steps to Improve Your Sleep If You Have Insomnia

The sleep cycle can affect our hormones and overall health, reduce stress level, and help to normalize body weight.⠀
All those benefits we can utilize for good. ⠀
For those who agree, here is the simple step by step method of how to normalize your sleeping schedule.⠀

✔️First, reduce the amount of coffee. It was estimated that even one cup of coffee taken in the morning could negatively influence your sleep in the evening.

✔️Have a schedule, devote the exact amount of hours for sleep. This number of hours varies from individual to individual, yet according to some researches, it is 7-8 hours.⠀

✔️If you already have sleepless nights, don’t allow yourself to have a nap during the day. It will turn into a habit and deprive you of a good quality night’s sleep.⠀

✔️If you are tossing in bed and can’t fall asleep, it is better to go for a walk.⠀

✔️Set the alarm, not only for the time of waking up but also for the time when you need to fall asleep.

✔️Have a rule not to excite your brain 1 hour before sleep by reading, watching social media, surfing on the internet.⠀

✔️Don’t eat at a minimum of 3 hours before bedtime because the body needs time to digest the food. Yet, a light smoothie is allowed.⠀
If you already follow all these steps and still have insomnia without any apparent reason, then we will be happy to find you a solution by using herbal and homeopathic remedies.

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