Infertility Stress – Can a Social Pressure to Have a Child Contribute to Infertility?

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Have you ever heard “your biological clock is ticking”? ⠀
Many of my patients when they first come for the consultation feel extremely tense not only because they have been diagnosed with infertility, but for the fact of constant pressure from the side of not so close relatives which causes infertility stress.

Social Pressure to Have a Child Contributes to Infertility by Daria Sera MD

Social Pressure to Have a Child Contributes to Infertility

One of my patients even said,” I don’t see the reason why they continuously attack me with a question when I am going to have kids. If you have an expensive car, would you ask someone riding an old bicycle when he is going to buy a Bentley? “⠀

The social pressure exists almost in every case of infertility, and this leads to additional stress for the already over-stressed individual.⠀
This very often makes such women close up and boil all the pain inside, never talk about it.⠀
That sort of shielding against everyone may cause emotional problems to start to develop into a physical level.⠀

According to some authors in that field, if you don’t talk about your emotional pain to as minimum one person, it may lead to psychosomatic symptoms.⠀
This is why it may be damaging to the physical health to completely close up and keep all the pain, frustration, and anger associated with infertility inside.⠀
This is a good reason to find at a minimum one person who fully understands you, or even better to join a fertility support group.⠀

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