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Ever wondered How to Get your Health Back? Why does your disease return despite all medications and dieting?

  • The answer may be simple: your previous medications and diet addressed only symptoms, but not the root causes of your disease. Therefore, they just barely scratched the surface of your disease.
  • We believe that if there are no root causes, there is no reason for disease to exist in the body.
  • That is why the goal of our natural treatment is to find all hidden root causes of your chronic disease during the whole lifetime (such as infections, surgeries, emotional traumas, etc.) and treat each of them using NATURAL remedies. And when there are no root causes, there is no reason for disease to be!
  • This unique approach allows us to treat severe chronic cases even when other medical treatments have failed to act. We use homeopathic, herbal, bioactive, and many other remedies.

Benefits You Get

  • You get the treatment that simultaneously works at both: physical and emotional levels. You get treatment not only for your physical condition but also alleviation of your emotional traumas from the past: fears, anxieties, abuse, traumatic relationships, panic attacks, etc.
  • You get an absolutely natural treatment that is safe for everyone (even for babies, mothers to be, pets).
  • You get therapy that treats the root causes of your disease, instead of masking the symptoms. As a result, you get stable health improvement instead of dependency on medications.
  • You get the specialist who each time does a profound job for you, who differentiates among 5000 remedies to find natural remedies that suit exactly to you, who does not prescribe a standard treatment that anyone else with the same problem will get.
  • You get truly individualized treatment. We don’t prescribe only by diagnosis. Example: Three people with the same diagnosis - arthritis of a knee will get three different remedies. Because each of them has different quality of pain - which is important for natural medicine (1st has localized pain sensation, 2nd has pain shooting to the back, 3rd has pain shooting to the heel), because each of them has different emotional reaction to the disease (1st remain positive, 2nd blame others, 3rd indifferent), because all of them will have many other diseases in addition to the arthritis. All these factors (and many others) will influence the prescription. Therefore, each of the three patients will need different natural remedies despite they all have arthritis.
  • You get the true attention to each of your symptoms, you get truly listened to - 2 hours of attention to the smallest details, we will never tell you something like ”you just imagined it,” “everyone has it at your age,” “this symptom is irrelevant”.
  • You get treatment as the whole - we don’t consider you as a bunch of different organs that should be treated separately. Everything is interconnected in the body. For example, the production of gastric juices controlled not only locally, but also by your brain (central nervous system). If you have strong stress, your brain may send an impulse to the stomach that changes the production of gastric juice makes it more acidic than usual. As a result, an ulcer may develop from too much acidity. Therefore, to treat an ulcer in the stomach, it is important not only to restore the lining of the stomach and make gastric juice less acidic, but it is equally important to alleviate the stress.
  • You get the best natural expertise - the specialist who educated in both natural and conventional medicine (MD education).
  • All of your unexplained symptoms are useful in our analysis, as they point out to certain natural remedies. For example, feeling of heaviness in the lungs while on x-ray there is no change; feeling that something is stuck in the throat while endoscopic examination shows no pathology. According to the diagnostic, there is no pathology, but your unusual feelings are still helpful in differentiating among 5000 natural remedies. And it is still possible to remove unexplained feelings that bother you.
  • You get protection for your future health because we analyze diseases that run in your family and create an effective preventative plan, so you don’t need to constantly worry about your health.
  • You get the value of 30 other natural treatments in one; we use a variety of natural remedies from a variety of natural approaches, so you can get the best possible treatment and save time by not going from one natural specialist to another.

Our Method: Sequential Bioactive Treatment

  • Our treatment aims to find all hidden root causes of chronic disease (during the whole lifetime), and treat each of them with corresponding natural remedies.
  • How this works:
  • We analyze all of the root causes of your disease that occurred during the lifetime, such as infectious diseases, emotional traumas, side-effects of vaccinations, side effects of medical drugs, surgeries, hereditary predispositions to certain diseases, etc.
  • We create the treatment plan, which includes all the root causes of your disease.
  • We use a variety of natural remedies (herbal, bio-active, homeopathic/heilkunst, gemmotheraputic, miasmatic, etc.) to treat all causes of your disease one by one in the reverse order, starting from present time moving back to the childhood.
  • Each time you come for a visit, we analyze how your symptoms have changed after the use of the remedy and adjust therapy according to the changes.
  • Step by step, we address all the root causes of your disease; we peel off all layers of your disease. Altogether with the root causes, the symptoms of disease gradually disappear, till we achieve stable health results.
  • Our treatment does not interfere with any medication that you currently take; therefore, it can be used in combination with medical drugs, medical procedures, and psychotherapy.

How does the Treatment Process Look Like

  • Our natural treatment is step by step elimination of all root causes and layers of your disease:

An Initial Consultation - 1.5 to 2 hours

  • During the Initial Consultation, natural treatment plan is created. It includes a detailed review of all root causes of your disease during the lifetime (such as infectious diseases, emotional traumas, surgeries, side effects of drugs/vaccination, etc.) The treatment plan is used as a guideline to take into account and alleviate each root cause during future treatments.
  • We will also take a look at your laboratory analysis and official medical diagnosis; pharmaceutical drugs and supplements that you currently take.
  • We will analyze all of your new symptoms (mental, emotional, physical), which correspond to the first layer of your disease and prescribe the remedy that will be suited to those symptoms. After you receive and take the remedy, we allow it to act for three weeks and observe all possible changes that may occur as the result of the remedy action.

The Follow-Up Consultation - 60 minutes

  • After those three weeks you come for a follow-up consultation (60 minutes).
  • During that consultation, we will analyze changes in your symptoms again, and based on them - prescribe you a new remedy (or new dose) to address the next layer of your disease.
  • Follow up consultations are repeated till all layers, and all causes of your disease are alleviated.

How many Consultations are Required?

  • The rough estimate for a not complicated chronic case is a minimum from 6 to 10 visits with the intervals of 3 weeks between each visit.
  • Length of treatment depends on:
  • How deep is the disease - how many root causes and layers it has underneath.
  • How long did you have the disease.
  • What kind of treatments did you have before.
  • Whether you have side effects from medications/vaccinations, etc.
  • Too many factors are lying underneath of chronic disease, and those factors can be shaded only gradually. Therefore, therapy for chronic diseases is not a one-time treatment. We use a variety of remedies from a variety of natural approaches.
  • For each layer of the disease, we find the most appropriate natural remedy. By addressing each cause with the specific remedy tailored to that exact cause, we achieve stable health results.

This program is for you if:

  • You want better health.
  • You want freedom from chronic diseases: physical or emotional.
  • You want freedom from anxieties, depressions, fears, old emotional traumas.
  • You have problems with sleep (insomnia); you have fatigue and lack of energy.
  • You have tried all conventional medical treatment options and still not satisfied with the results.
  • You have developed side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and now have no other choice but look for natural alternatives.
  • You have developed a dependency on pharmaceutical medications and want to gradually wean off (under the supervision of your medical doctor).
  • You want more profound treatment then just alleviation of symptoms, want to find the real causes of your disease and eliminate them.

This program is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a fast fix and don’t want to hear that each chronic disease has many root cases underneath, which should be addressed one by one.
  • You are not willing to stick with the program for minimum of 6-10 visits and believe that a chronic disease, which has been with you for a number of years, can be magically fixed in one visit.
  • You are not ready to make lifestyle changes beneficial for your health.