For a long time, it was believed that cycling can cause male infertility and erectile dysfunction.😵
The fear was so intense that some researchers even made a suggestion for a professional cyclist to frozen their sperm in case of future infertility.
The reason for concern was excessive pressure on the prostate area from the saddle with the prolonged nose.
When men are riding a bicycle with that type of a seat, the 30%of his body weight is pressing on the testicle area.
Bumps and uneven surfaces on the road can additionally provide the stress and small invisible damage to the genital area.
Besides, the narrow saddles are usually firm themselves, which contribute to the problem. 🚴

Yet, according to the study conducted in 2014 by University College London, prolonged cycling does not lead to infertility itself.
But don’t be relieved by this positive news because the same study found prolonged cycling increases the risk of prostate cancer. 😰
All these troubles caused by constant micro injuries which the prostate experience during cycling.
The research was performed on a devoted cyclists who spend on the bike a minimum of 3 hours a day, about 5000 cyclists were engaged in the study. Their sport type of bicycles, with the saddles looking more like a horizontal stick made out of wood, of cause intensify the problem. The research raises a concern about prostate health and prolongs cycling.

The one possible solution for this problem is to choose a different type of saddle, the soft one without a nose. In such a case, the body weight spread differently and applied more to the buttocks area instead of the genital area. I have to mention that there are many studies and controversies about bicycling and infertility.
Some of them still suggest that off-road or mountain cycling may lead to infertility issues such as the change in sperm count.Because in off-road cycling the stress on the prostate is much more intensive and it can be more traumatic in general.

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